Website Design and SEO Integration

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the techniques and process of making your website more visible when people search for your product and services online - it, therefore, increases the number of page views and visits to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most important tool you have in your internet marketing box today. If you are online you need to make sure your site is registered and compliant with all the requirements for search engines to pick up your services and products as relevant to the market.

Imaginet is now offering our clients a free downloadable e-Book to explain all about SEO...

What does Imaginet SEO do?

We provide full SEO assesssment of compliance of your site. This means we find the technical and search engine marketing tags and keywords which will enhance your chances of excellent visibility. Imaginet also manages and provides detailed feedback on the progress of your site on the search engines over time.

“The truth is that, without good SEO implementation your website will never be seen on the search engines.”

Don’t even bother to create a website without professional search engines optimization. With thousands of websites being created each day, your chances of appearing in the first pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo are virtually zero. SEO is not just about technical correctness but also about marketing your website and making it visible to your viewers and client base.

1. Basic Audit - R350*

  • Overall audit of positive and negative technical aspects that need attention on your pages.
  • This includes analysis of meta values as well as major and minor technical errors.


2. Full Audit, No Implementation - R800*

  • Full keyword research including related and long-tail keywords.
  • Full auditing of all errors, including minor errors that can be rectified to increase your ranking and visibility.
  • Social media audit. Social media networks can contribute to your online presence and value. This is an integral part of your SEO and marketing campaign. We ascertain the level of your social media involvement and how to improve this important aspect. 
  • Content analysis. Content is vital in today’s online environment. We provide a full assessment of the content on your site in relation to keywords and audience intention.
  • A full report of these aspects will be sent on completion.

3. Full Audit, Plus Implementation - R900*

This offering includes all of the above as well as implementation of the findings of the full audit. In other words, while the above indicates various problems and options that can improve the visibility of the website, the implementation option makes these changes for you. This option is optimal for those who do not have the time or expertise to make the changes suggested in the audit. A full report will be sent at the end of the implementation process outlining all changes made.


4. Management - R500 per month 

  • Management refers to the ongoing assessment and monitoring of the changes that have been implemented and the checking of the site for any other changes that might occur. A monthly report will be sent with auditing aspects, as well as keyword growth or decline and visitor analysis. The management option is intended to provide a full and ongoing service that enables you to see every aspect of your website’s growth and development over time.

* Disclaimer: The above outline and prices will serve for most websites. However, price adjustments may be necessary in the case of very large or convoluted websites.

For more information on these packages, contact us on or call 086 111 1101 for more information.


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